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Reasons To Learn Cpr Essay

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Have you ever thought about what you would do if a family member suddenly stopped breathing? Imagine that you grow up in a small town, the population is 700 people, and one morning you wake up and everyone in the town is dead. On any given day 670 people die of sudden cardiac arrest. Could it be a loved one, someone you care deeply for, or just a complete stranger? The chances are that someone in your family is going to die of sudden cardiac arrest in your lifetime. On average it takes an ambulance no less than seven minutes to reach someone in need, therefore, every adult should know how to administer CPR.
Brain death starts to occur four to six minutes after someone is attacked with cardiac arrest, so you should immediately begin with assessing the victim?s airway. You should start out by shaking and shouting at the victim to check his or her level of responsiveness. If the patient does not respond, you should then call 9-1-1. After placing the call, bare the victim?s chest of all clothing and open his or her airway. To open to victim?s airway, you should use the head-tilt-chin-lift maneuver. You can do this by placing a hand on the victim?s forehead and under the bony part of the lower jaw. By opening the victim?s airway, you are lifting the tongue from the back of the throat which could be the one thing obstructing the airway.
After assessing the victim?s airway, now you should check for breathing. To check for breathing, place your ear over the mouth looking toward the chest. This will allow you to listen for air movement, feel for air movement on your cheek, and look for chest rise. If the victim is breathing adequately, you should roll him or her on their left side. By doing so this puts them in the recovery position and permits him or her to breathe adequately. This also prevents aspiration if the victim vomits. If the victim is not breathing, give two breathes, watching for chest rise. Give breathes over a second, wait a second, then give another breathe. While doing so, you should not...

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