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Reasons To 'like' And Dislike S Ocial Media

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Social Media plays a major impact in today’s society from our personal lives to our work lives. This new phenomenon has changed our all around lives involving human interaction, with the use of the internet we can communicate with people all around the world in the blink of an eye. Social media is used today to connect with friends and family and interacting with them with the use of many different social media sites. Also, if used correctly social media sites can also be used to market peoples products, or market themselves for careers or potential business ideas. Computer technology has advanced immensely over the last few decades; with hardware advances to then the introduction of the ...view middle of the document...

We will take a look at a couple of films that showcase the uses of social media and how it can either help somebody’s life or harm it. In the movie Disconnect, we follow a number of protagonists who each go through a different type of cyber crime; in one case we have cyber bullying, another case of stolen identity fraud, and live webcam child pornography. This movie showcases the different types of harm a social media site can do, especially cyber bullying. Since social media sites are so public and is a means of connecting with different types of people, this doesn’t mean the connection will be for a good reason. We have cases where kids or adults have their social media accounts and are harassed and made fun of through these social media sites that does just as much harm as a physical bully. In the movie Cyber bully, we follow a protagonist who acquires a new laptop for her birthday and joins the hip social media site called ‘Cliquester’ in which she is then harassed and made fun of. In cases like this, the protagonist reflects on how her fears and insecurities is shown in social media sites and can be exploited by other people attempting to cause harm, which portrays cases that we can see in real life today.
In the past, the way family and friends would keep in contact would be through telephone conversations, or sending letters (either via mail or email) or even sending a message to somebody’s beeper. Fast forward to today’s generation, the previous means of interacting has either been vanished or greatly changed with the introduction of social media. Today, social media is used to communicate...

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