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Reasons to support thesis

First of all, we will consider the very word motivation. Motivation can be defined as an incentive. When we discuss students having the motivation to learn, we may consider them having the incentive to learn. Do students today have the incentive to learn? Many people claim that they do not and that the lack of motivation is increasingly becoming worse and worse in today’s society. The belief that society has unknowingly created for today’s students is that there is a separation between education that is taught in schools and that which is learned outside of schools. Children view these things as two different worlds. There is the school world, and the real world. Many children tend to believe that the things they learn in the school world will not affect them in the real world and are therefore have no motivation to learn in school. “When kids are not engaged, not only do they fail to learn, they also tend to become bored and restless” (Wolk, R.). This boredom and restlessness has serious potential for many kids to lead to a lack of motivation.

Obviously, it is very important for a student to remain focused in order to maintain motivation; yet, not all of the responsibility relies on the child. Teachers have a huge responsibility in making sure that every student in their class is working to their individual potential and that each child is engaged in the material and is benefiting from this learning experience. Educators sometimes find it difficult to develop such a strong teacher-student relationship with each child but studies have shown that the more the teacher is involved, the more motivated students will become. There are many different elements involved in making a child feel a stronger relationship with their teacher. “One element involves teachers communicating to students that they care about students both individually and collectively. Students want teachers to be interested in them personally and academically. Why is this important? People tend to be attracted to others who seem interested in them and like them. It is reaffirming to be accepted and valued” (Morganett). There are many activities that teachers can use that incorporate the students so that they feel accepted and appreciated as an individual and as a whole. Teachers may take the time to talk with the students one-on-one or in a group or as a whole. The teacher may want to ask the children to read about a current issue or story and ask them how they feel or what they think. It is important while doing the exercise that the teacher finds out where the children stand on the topic because it allows them to express themselves more openly and it allows them to share their opinion with others rather than just answering with facts. Another idea would be to get involved in the children’s lives outside of school by asking them what their family is like or what they did on vacation. Activities like these allow the children to...

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