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Reasons To Syudy Literature Essay

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In my opinion the main reasons to study literature is to further our mastery of the language, to exercise our brains, as well as to know we are not alone. I think that literature not only further our education by building our vocabulary, increasing our reading abilities, and over all improving our understanding of literature. Not only does literature increase your knowledge, it exercises your brain. Literature is very important in our society because if you cannot read or write you aren’t going to make it very far in life. Literature can make you feel things that people cannot, such as while reading a book the descriptions can be so vivid that you might even feel like you are there, and part of the story. The power of literature is incredible. Lastly, when you read a book or story it can make you feel like you are there, and you will build a connection with that piece of literature, making you feel like you are not alone because you will always have your books to turn to, even if your friends have left you.
Literature can improve your grammar incredibly, as well as your ability to read and write. They make you more knowledgeable about everything, because if you can’t read and/or write you won’t be able to do many things. Literature is everywhere we go, such as, store signs, signs on roads, menus, manuals, social networks and anything educational. Knowing how to read and write is a need, not a want. As much as teenagers claim they don’t need school, and act like they don’t need literature, we do. Many of us wouldn’t be able to do half of the things we do without literature and we would be illiterate and ignorant. Do we really want to live in a world like that? Without further mastering our language we would be nowhere.
Furthermore, literature exercises our brains and makes them work. It makes your...

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