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Reasons Why Abortion Should Not Remain Legal

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One of the most controversial topics debated in society currently is abortion. Until 1973 abortion was illegal in the United States. The groundbreaking U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States with some restrictions. Today, abortion continues to generate intense controversy: the population is split between pro-life and pro-choice groups with conflicting views on the legalization of abortions. Abortion should not remain legal because the aborted fetus is being murdered; adoption is the humane and moral alternative; and abortion may take a physical and emotional toil on the would-be mother.
Pro-life supporters generally ascribe the label of “murder” to abortion because it is the death of a fertilized egg. Many religions also support this belief. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church believes that human life is viable from conception forward. Aborting that life is considered murdering that tiny human being. The Bible identifies murder as one of the cardinal sins in The Ten Commandments. Other religions’ interpretations of their holy text also classify terminating a pregnancy as murder. Additionally, the Vedas, sacred scriptures of Hinduism, consider aborting a fetus as severe as killing one’s parents. These supporting arguments further bolster the idea that abortion should not only be illegal, but it is a form of sin across numerous religions.
Another argument commonly used, as a justification as to why abortion should not remain legal is that if abortion was not made readily available most women with unwarranted pregnancy would be encouraged to choose the human and moral adoption route. Paradoxically, there are numerous women who cannot or have difficulty conceiving a child of their own. Due to the costly expenses necessary for in-vitro fertilization or to hire a surrogate, un-wealthy women or families seek to adopt children. Most families seeking to adopt children favor adopting small infants so that they can experiences the joys of raising and rearing a newborn child into adulthood. If a woman decided to give a child to an adoptive home, she may receive financial and emotional support from that family during the term of her pregnancy. Instead of terminating innocent lives, women would be making others’ lives more enjoyable.
Additionally, there may be temporary and long-term ramifications both emotionally and physically, associated with legalized abortions. Women who choose to have an abortion may suffer from varying levels of emotional responses. They may have feelings of emptiness, regret,...

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