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Reasons Why Great Societies Fall Essay

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“No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.” -Adam Smith. This quote by Adam Smith shows that to have a strong, pleasant society all the people in the society have to be happy if the people aren’t happy the society will soon fall. Over time there have been many great societies through history that have fallen due to corrupt leaders, less trade, poverty,Religions, opinions, and two different groups of race or class clashing. Societies often fall due to corrupt leaders who are greedy, bad economy due to poverty and social decline from difference of opinion and characteristics.

Great societies fall because of horrible politics such as corrupt leaders This makes the society fall because they are so focused on getting power, land or wealth that they will do anything to get it. Jeanine, the leader of Erudite (one of the four factions or characteristics in the society) uses her knowledge to take power and made a simulation that takes control of dauntless and forces them to work as an army for her. In the book, it says “On it is the simulation data that controlled the Dauntless, and the record of what the Erudite did.”(Insurgent, Pg.10) This shows that they used the simulation to control dauntless. Another example of a corrupt leader is Eric the leader of dauntless. Eric uses his soldiers to try and take control of the government. He was corrupt for using his men to take power for himself. In the book it says “ ‘There are supposed to be Dauntless guards here’ says Marcus. ‘They were probably under the simulation,’ Tobias says.”(Insurgent, Pg.2) This text evidence shows that he was selfish because used the men to take power. This made the society fall because people were killing others due to the simulation and people started rioting. While some leaders are corrupt due to having too much power some leaders didn’t have enough . “‘We feel that the only way to preserve our relationships with both factions is to remain impartial and uninvolved,’ ”(Insurgent, Pg.21) This text evidence shows that the leader of Amity (a faction based on the value of peace), Johanna is corrupt because she would rather stand by and watch, then help the people in the war. She wants to keep the peace so much that she would rather let people die than fight. The patricians forced the plebeians to have no part in the government which wasn’t fair and meant they were treated differently and were not allowed to take part in the government. Another example of corrupt leaders is in ancient Rome. In TCI it says “The patricians held all the power. They made sure that only they could be part of the government.” This shows that the plebeians were corrupt for taking power over everyone. Unfortunately government wasn’t the only thing they took over.They soon used this power for their advantages such as getting out of rules and laws . In TCI it states “Because laws were not written down, patricians often changed or...

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