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Reasons Why It Is Necessary To Vote Technical Writing Essay

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Why We Should Vote
Our right to vote in the United States is a privilege that was established to us over hundreds of years ago by the great founders of this country because we fought for the right to do so. Voting is a very important and special process where we voice and exclaim our very own opinions so that we may be represented justly by our government. If we don’t go forth with our rights to vote, then we will fail to create a government that is supposed to represent us the people. By not voting our government can’t see our opinions because our opinions are not being shown or counted. We must do our duty and vote so that we can keep on going as a strong, honest and successful nation. That is why I say we must vote so our opinions are shown, so we can complain with integrity, and contribute to this nation.
The most basic reason to vote is simply just because it is important to have an opinion. The United States was developed over more than 200 years by the struggles and beliefs of people who fought for freedom. Voting has always and will be a part of our history. Without the gathering of thoughts and ideas the citizens being put into the system to be counted, the United States would not be close to the position that it is in today. Most important is that America was founded and based on freedom. It may be your decision not to vote so that would mean that you are forfeiting and not fulfilling part of your rights to decide who and what will affect you. Believe it or not our opinions do count. There are elections every day for construction, for candidates, and any issues. All of those are because others voice their opinions just as you should as well.
“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the people and burn their behinds, then they will have to sit on their blisters,” is what Abraham Lincoln said. Voting determines who will represent you and your country. One of the main purposes of voting is to elect someone who will fight for your opinions and will try to fulfill the needs of the people. No one wants a...

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