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Reasons Why Man's Best Friend Is A Dog

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Picture this, a small boy who gets bullied at school. This boy comes home and there is his best friend there waiting at the door for him. This dog is his best friend and really the only thing that accepts and loves him besides his family. This boy isn't accepted anywhere else ,but his home. This dog is his life and really the only thing that he can talk to or hang out with. This dog makes him seem like the happiest boy in the world when he is around him. This is why mans' best friend is a dog. Can't you see why dogs are such great pets? They are amazing friends.

When picking dog breeds you want to be careful. Different dogs require different amounts of exercise. You will need to find a dog that fits your lifestyle as much as possible. If it is too different it will not help you with your exercise needs or attention needs. Did you know stroking or petting a dog can reduce stress, and high blood pressure? Owning pets can increase levels of certain hormones in your body that help you relax when in a tough situation. Walking a dog can also calm your dog down and make it less destructive. It even helps you with your weight and muscles (Better Health Channel).
Dogs can help transfer diseases to family via bite or scratch. Dogs can also carry fleas which are bad for your home and cause itchy bites. Fleas can also carry diseases so you want to make sure the dog is flea free (Kids Health)! Dogs can also be dirty and may need to be cleaned after they have been outside due to the fact that they could have killed another animal, or swam in a creek. Another thing dogs can carry that are dangerous to family is a Tick. Ticks can carry Lyme disease which can be deadly to humans if not properly dealt with. If you get the wrong type of dog it can lead to becoming antisocial and inactive. These two things can cause health complications greatly. They can cause someone to become ill and possibly obese.
When choosing a guard dog be careful! Some dogs are not meant to be guard dogs. People would really want a guard dog that is active outside but normally calm on the inside of a house. Herding dogs are really great at being guard dogs. People want a dog that is protective, but not too much (Animal Planet). It has been said that once welcomed into a dogs ¨family¨ masters are considered one of them and must be protected (Animal Planet). Dogs will go great lengths to protect their master,...

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