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Reasons Why We MarryMarriage and FamilyReasons Why We MarryMarriage is one of, if not, the most important decisions in anyone's life. Your marriage can and will have an effect on your whole life. This effect could be positive, or it could be negative. Consequently, many may ask, "Why do we marry?" To many people the answer may be relatively simple, "I fell in love", or "He/She was everything I've ever wanted." Others may have reasons such as sexual urges, appearing grown up, or being free from parents. People marry for a variety of reasons. Some motives for marriage are more sound and will probably lead to sound marriages. Other motives are not realistic and increase the chances of unfulfilled expectations in marriage. Throughout this paper we will take a look at both positive and negative reasons people marry, and look at my personal life and why I got married.Some motives for marriage such as appearing grown up, or being freed' of parents' command may lead to things such as dissatisfaction in the relationship. In today's society, many marriages will fail because they think that the marriage will make them into better persons. In my personal experience, marriage is a very powerful thing, however, it cannot change an immature child into an adult, an unhappy person to a happy person, or a lazy person into a hard worker in the relationship.Another poor reason to marry is to deal with sexual urges that have been stirred up. Just under half of the high school students questioned for the 2001 Youth Risks Behavior Survey said they had ever engaged in sexual intercourse (www. Marriage provides an acceptable outlet for sexual gratification. But unless there is a solid emotional foundation, a marriage based on sex will be unfulfilling. There has to be an equal balance of commitment, passion, and intimacy to find an all-consuming love. The same is true for a marriage formed to combat loneliness that compelled the couple to marry.NCHS data show that the teen marital birth rate declined 26 percent between 1990 and 1999, from 420 to 311 births per 1,000 married teens ( Premarital pregnancy is another negative reason to marry. When this is the only factor that holds two people together, the couple will soon feel trapped and may start to resent each other and the child. This is a trend that is seen a lot today in any town and at any age. I know many couples that have married due to a premarital pregnancy and are not happy in the relationship or have already left the relationship. The facts are that More than 4 out of 10 young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20--nearly one million a year. Eight in ten of these pregnancies are unintended and 80 percent are to unmarried teens ( marriage based on any selfish motive, combatting loneliness, achieving sexual gratification, gaining adult...

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