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Reasons Why Women Develop A Negative Body Image

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Shirley Ramos
Professor Villela
English 114 B
14 April 2014
Beauty Distortion
In modern society there is more and more digital editing without the knowledge of consumers. Currently there are various reasons for why women develop negative body image, low-self-esteem and eating disorders. According to Naomi Wolf in her novel “Beauty Myth”, one of the many reasons women obtain concerns with their bodies is due to the universal images of young female bodies presented through advertisements in fashion magazines. Advertisements in magazines are altering and shaping the desires of men and women. Magazines sell viewers images of beautiful, skinny, flawless confident young women. When people are constantly antagonized with the magazine industry’s ideal of “perfect beauty” the viewer’s then, subconsciously believe these images to be true and begin to form biases about what they themselves should look like and what other people must also look like. People who view magazines get mislead by advertisers because they are unaware that all the images displayed are digitally altered through Photoshop and airbrushing. Today’s magazines are formed completely on false ideals of flawless beauty and unattainable body images, to prevent women and men from falling victim to the magazine’s deceitful images we as a society need to become aware and educate ourselves.
In her novel “Beauty Myth”, Naomi Wolf argues that the beauty and fashion industry are to blame for using false images to portray what beautiful woman is. She believes the magazines are to blame for women hating their bodies. Wolf states, “When they discuss [their bodies], women lean forward, their voices lower. They tell their terrible secret. It’s my breast, they say. My hips. It’s my thighs. I hate my stomach.” (Wolf, 451) She is focusing on how women are being taught to feel insecure about their own bodies. The parts that are always targeted by the magazines are always the same parts women are more self-conscious about. Women are manipulated by ads in magazines to try a new diet pill, get a surgery or use the newest cosmetics to change who they are. The women look at the models in the advertisements, believing that the model is beautiful and flawless because of the makeup, pills or surgery that is presented. They are unaware that the advertisement was completely altered through computer editing software called “Photo-shopping”. This is unfair to all women who are not conscious of the distortion; any mage that has been altered should have a label to make anyone aware of the alterations. The labels will prevent women from believing in the false images advertised by the magazine.
Photo-shopping is any alteration to an image using digital-editing software. Not only is digital retouching expected by publishers it is now being demanded. Unfortunately, the process of retouching a photo is remarkably easy. A certain model is chosen, he or she undergoes a makeover using airbrushing and cosmetics. After a...

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