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Reasons Given By The Suffragettes For Demanding The Vote For Women In The United Kingdom

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Source A shows an example of a suffragette poster protesting for votes for women. The poster illustrates the possibilities of jobs that a women can achieve, yet still not be respected enough to be given the vote. Most of the jobs listed on the poster are jobs that require a successful education such as a “doctor or teacher”; or they require a strong and trustworthy individual like a “mayor”. The reasons that the suffragettes are demanding the vote is because they believe that women are capable of many things that require importance, so they are very deserving of the vote.
Another reason for wanting the vote for women, would relate to how certain men could behave and still have the honour to vote. The poster mentions how a man could be a “drunkard” and still be allowed to vote. The message being voiced here is that men can be a lot less successful than some women and seen to still have the right mind to vote, whereas women can achieve most things but still be perceived to not have the right mind which is very unfair.
This poster could be seen as very biased, because the examples shown are very opposite, and the fact that men can be successful was not mentioned. Overall I think that the main reason the suffragettes demanded the vote was because they felt that women were very capable of most things that created a good mind, and this point was clearly expressed in Source A.
Source B is evidence of one woman who was against female suffrage. Her argument is that “women were and are destined to make voters rather than be voters themselves”, by this she means that the role of women is to produce children, and then influence them on who to vote for. She also states that she thinks that the suffrage campaign is a “shrill cry” of “discontented women”. By this she does not agree with women fighting, or being indecent for the right to vote, because of the use of the word “shrill” it their need for the vote to be annoying and whiny.
Source C has a slightly similar message to Source B. Source C is an illustration of the two groups fighting for the vote. The suffragist is alerting the more violent group, the suffragette, that her methods of expressing her view are just worsening their situation instead of bettering it. This view is similar to Source B because it is seen that being violent to achieve your goals was not the respected approach to the woman suffrage. Both sources also use similar vocabulary to describe how some women are acting, the caption in Source C read “the Shrieking Sister”. Shrieking is a similar word to shrill which was used in Source B, so they both agree that some women were acting in an irritating and improper manner. So to convey the point about the way women should be behaving Source C agrees with Source B.
Although Source C does not seem to be against the women suffrage altogether, like Source B was. The artist in Source C only seems to be attacking the way that the Suffragettes put their point across. This does not...

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