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Reassortment Of Swine H1 N2 And Pandemic H1 N1 In Pigs, United States

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Pandemic H1N1 (pan-H1N1) influenza virus was first reported in Mexico during April of 2009 followed by rapid spread to different countries (1). Although the origin of the 2009 pan-H1N1 is unclear, the virus is genetically closely related to triple reassortant (TR) swine influenza viruses (SIVs) currently circulating in swine. Classic H1N1 SIV has been widely reported since an influenza-like outbreak was first detected in swine in the United States (U.S.) during the catastrophic 1918 human influenza pandemic (2). The classic H1N1 SIVs were exclusively prevalent among swine populations in the U.S. before novel TR H3N2 viruses emerged in 1998. Genes of TR H3N2 viruses were derived from human, swine and avian lineage viruses. This specific constellation of internal genes is referred to as the TR internal gene (TRIG) (3). Currently, classical, TR and human-like H1 viruses are circulating in the U.S. swine population (4). Pigs are susceptible to influenza viruses of different origins and they are considered as mixing vessels for genetic reassortment(3), thus co-circulation of different influenza strains including pan-H1N1 viruses in swine increase the potential of novel reassortants emergence (4, 5), and recent reports further highlight the reassortment events between swine and pandH1N1 viruses (6, 7).
Here we report the isolation of novel reassortant H1N2 influenza viruses with genes derived from contemporary swine and the 2009 pandH1N1 viruses. In October and November 2010, oral fluid samples were collected from 5-month-old and 8-week-old nursery pigs, respectively, showing mild respiratory signs of cough and depression. The farms are 30 miles apart with different servicemen. Filtered samples were inoculated into Madin Darby canine kidney cells. The cells demonstrated extensive cytopathic effect within 30 hours post-inoculation. Cell supernatants were collected at 48 hour post-inoculation. Viral RNA was extracted from the original oral fluids and cell culture supernatants. Standard RT-PCR was performed using influenza gene specific primers. In addition, plaque purification and sequence confirmation of 15 different plaque cloned viruses were conducted to rule out possibility of mixed infection in original samples. Partial sequences covering at least 600bp of each gene segment were confirmed to be identical to the corresponding gene sequences. The sequences of entire coding region for each gene were submitted to the GenBank under the accession numbers HQ833563-70 and JN617991-98.
Sequence and phylogenetic analysis showed that the new isolates (A/swine/OH/FAH10-1/2010 and A/swine/OH/FAH11-1/2010) are novel H1N2 reassortants carrying NP and...

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