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Rebound Drug Court Intern Essay

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Following the detention hearing, we have the adjudication hearing. A juvenile court judge decides whether or not there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt to label a youth:” delinquent.” Once we have gone thru those different courts stages, we are the disposition stage. The disposition stage is considered the sentencing stage for adults. During the disposition the judge decides whether to put student on probation or committed to the states. In the state of Georgia, any child from the age 0-16 goes through that process of the court every time they get into trouble.
During my stay at the agency, my title was a Rebound Drug Court Intern. I dealt with kids that were given a second chance to get their charges dismissed by completing a very demanding program. I dealt with a total of 30 kids in which I had to also deal with their parents as well. The promise of parental involvement in juvenile probation includes reduced recidivism, fewer violations of probation, and fewer institutional placements (Maschi & Schwalbe). These individuals were considered high level risk kids which needed supervision at all times. My responsibilities during the semester were to drug screen these individuals on a weekly basis. I as well had to do school and home visit to make sure they were reporting to school and respecting their curfew time. I was to also communicate with parents and treatment individuals that dealt with the child as well on an individual bases. Based off their weekly meeting with treatment providers, teachers, and parents, each week I would compile the information I received from everyone that worked with the child that week. I compile all the data together for the Judge, DA, Representative from the DeKalb County School, and my supervisor for court on Wednesday, to discuss how the child acted during the week. During court, I would report on every child on how there week went at home, school, and society. I would praise the ones that did well, and I would sanction the ones that acted up during the week. Based on my information I gave the judge, she would decide what reward and sanction she would give them. If a child is doing well she might push the curfew back so the child might have more time out with friends. If the child was to be punished, the judge had many alternatives that she can take. The usual punishment that I saw the judge give was detention in our intake center during the weekend. The child would have to report both Saturday and Sunday for a certain period of time and would be locked up with other defiant juveniles. Another alternative the judge took was that she would order the child to write a paper about their actions or write 100 times I need to follow directions every day until she tells them to stop. I have also seen the judge order house arrest for certain children who constantly would get in trouble and when the writing assignment and lock up didn’t deter them from committing more bad acts. The judge would order the child to wear...

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