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Rebuilding A System Essay

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Rebuilding a system or organization is to develop it that would work effectively, or we could say a restoration of a system to its old position. Like rebuilding America under new presidential term. Obama’s administration greatly emphasizing the demand to restore America’s middle class, and to go forward to that desirable goal is not easily achievable when- a single pay check supporting a decent standard of livelihood for a whole family, (middle class) hence, increasing the minimum wage has contributed to fewer jobs and more taxes to be paid by entry level workers. When I was a high school student my classmates often talked about being rich- making 30,000 or ...view middle of the document...

As "The real wealth of a nation consists of the contributions of its people and nature." -- Rianne Eisler
America has gone from a prosperous, productive, self-sufficient thirty five years ago to a much less productive, heavily indebted country, dependent on imports to maintain our current standard of living- as reflected on our current massive indebted condition and the increasingly deteriorating condition of our cities. As “ Maslows hierarchy of needs “ shows how you need for the middle class to be able to take care of themselves first as a foundation of our nation's prosperity as a whole. And our policies should carefully protect our wealth and resources rather than simply providing the lowest consumer cost regardless of the impact of our industries and our workers. According to America’s Economic Report- Daily, our industries have been so disarmed and dismantled that we now lack the knowledge, capacity and investment capital to facilitate self-sustaining production. Dramatic new direction is required and drastic action is needed to restore our economic and financial independence and we must begin immediately to rebuild our industries. The very first essential is that our government should ensure that it is once again profitable to produce most goods and services in American factories and employing American workers. The government should establish policies that prevent other countries from doing to us what they would never let us do to them. The “ free-trade vs. the fair-trade “ Free trade is a policy in international markets in which government does not restrict imports or exports. ( i.e free trade with China) Free trade is exemplified by the European Union/ European Economic Area and the North American Free Trade Agreement, which have established open markets. Fair...

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