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Recall Essay

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Recall Essay
The most painful thing in the world is not parting, but the memories after parting. Whether family, lover or friends; happy or sad, they will become our recall because we want to look back at the past. Some people can't forget their first love because most of their first loves are sweet, pure and sentimental but ultimately result is regret and failure. Some people can't forget their friends in high school because friends occupied most of their time in high school. However, they can't meet any friends that are willing crazy together and always stay by their side anymore. They can only recall the great moment ...view middle of the document...

This kitchen was so important to me because it was full of recall from a long time ago from now. Whenever I saw grandmother was cooking, she was so hard to use those cauldrons because she didn't have such strength to hold them and she stayed in the kitchen most of her time on every day in order to cook every delicious food for me. Looking my grandmother was sitting in front of those holes, watching at the raging and hot fire carefully and sweating. I felt upset whenever I saw my grandmother was cooking so hard, and I always convince my grandmother to live with my parents, so that she could have an advanced kitchen that with different electronic products that was more convenient to cook. My grandmother told me that this kitchen was full of many recall with my grandfather and her. She didn't want to dismantle this kitchen because this kitchen was the only place for her to remember the most happiness moment with grandfather. After my grandmother was died, I had the responsibility to protect my grandmother’s kitchen because this is the most important place that includes many recalls.
After I move out, I always come back to see my grandmother’s kitchen in sometimes because I can’t accept her leave and I miss her so much, and I can understand why my grandmother wanted to stay in the kitchen. I looked every corner of the kitchen, and many recalls were appear out of my mind. I remember when I first came here, I could only see my grandmother through the interspace of kitchen door, so I rushed into the kitchen and accompanied with her. After that day, helping and looking at my grandmother cooking...

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