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Recalled To Change Essay

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The sun relentlessly beat down on the great bloodthirsty mob as they marched toward the Bastille , towards a very overdue change. It was the of July 14th, 1789 and the raw reality of hunger and the ferocious need for justice had finally become too much for the people of France. The mob overtook the armory and by doing so sent a clear message of defiance to the king and aristocracy of France. The commoners were through with the perpetual disparity between the monarchy and peasants. They demanded justice, and were determined to attain it one way or another. This impassioned murderous attack fanned the flame of a rebellion that is now known as the French Revolution.
English novelist, Charles Dickens, understood the feelings of the French commoners, for he too was oppressed. Forced to end school and work in a factory when he was only a youth, Dickens got a first-hand taste of the injustice governments often deal out. Nevertheless, Dickens’ sympathies were provisional; he condemned the French for their lack of genuine respect for life. In search for a new and improved France, the people had lost sight of the value of life. Dickens grew apprehensive as he recognized a craving for change, swelling up throughout England. This change that could only be achieved through something as austere as the French Revolution. Through his esteemed book, A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens was able to publicly expresses these concerns to the English people.
Set in the first days of the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities centers aroundon the surmounting political and social unrest of France that intertwines the lives of an English family and a group of steadfast French revolutionaries. Jarvis Lorry, “a man of business” (Dickens 25), and Lucie Manette, a young woman who sparkles with perfection, travel to France to inform Lucie’s father, Dr. Alexander Manette, that he is to be “recalled to life” (Dickens 14). After being unjustly imprisoned for 18 years, Dr. Manette has essentially lost all sanity and only Lucie’s love and devotion can resurrect him to his true self once again.
Several years later, the Manette’s are in England standing as witnesses at a trial condemning Charles Darnay to an agonizing death. It is here that Sydney Carton, an indolent and drunken man, makes his first appearance as one of the lawyers that wins Darnay’s freedom. Eventually, both Darnay and Carton confess their unending love for Lucie. Though she is unaware of his true identity and political position, Lucie marries her darling Darnay. However, when Darnay travels to France to help a friend in need, he finds himself immediately imprisoned for the malicious deeds of his deceased aristocratic family. With the Revolution aggressively blazing, Darnay is unjustly condemned to death. Upon realizing Darnay is in trouble the Manette’s rush to France in hope of rescuing him. In the end, it is none other than Sydney Carton’s own self-sacrifice that saves Darnay. Carton’s death is not the end,...

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