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Receiving An Education Before And After Having A Child

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  Jr. High School. When life was simple.When homework meant nothing,time was not an issue,and when silence was easy to find.When you are the only one you have to worry about in school these things are easy to find. However my first year of highschool I became a mom. Although it was the best day of my life,finding the time,and silence were suddenly hard to find.Belive it or not,there are a lot of differences before an after having a child,and receiving an education.
  When I was in Jr high I didn't think of school as a benefit to me,but more of a senseless bother. Which the only reason I slightly enjoyed school was because I got to see my friends.My attendance was usually great,and academically I made almost straight A’s.Everything was pretty simple,but I didn't see a point in school.Which later resulted in some skipped days.
  Besides school lacking what then seemed meaningless time wasted, I actually had all the time in the world.I literarily could get all my homework done at school,and be able to go hang out with friends for as long as I wanted.Even on the days I had homework I could finish it later or in home room before class.There were plenty of options I could leave to go to the library when ever I felt like it,or I could stay at home.My options were unlimited.
  Even though I had all the time in the world and was a rowdy loud teenager quiet time was always there.I am not gonna lie,I played bass guitar.If your a musician then you know that low was not how I played the guitar.Music was not music if my mom (who was next door) could not hear it the lyrics to my favorite band.When it was time to settle and get my homework done so I could be loud again I did.There was no body to be loud or to bother me when I needed to be alone and quiet.
  I started my first year if high school when I was sixteen,and three months in I found...

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