Recent Regulation Changes In The Ncaa

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Change is inevitable in any institution today due to the ever changing environment in which institutions operate. Schools, firms, and other different institutions have witnessed significant changes in the recent years in order to adapt to the prevailing changing environment. Change is very important, but it has to be done with great care to avoid leading to unwanted consequences. This paper focuses on one of the recent regulation change which has been adopted by the NCAA.
NCAA has adopted a number of changes in the last few years. One of these changes which have been approved was the change of its rules to give conferences the power to add more money to scholarship offer giving schools an opportunity to offer scholarships for multiple years, introducing more stringent measures on recruits, and also making a change to the summer recruiting model (Associated Press, 2011). This is very important which aimed at solving or bringing an end to the long debate on whether students can offer more than just cost of tuition, board and room, fees, and books.
One of the main components of this regulation is that conferences can decide to add $2,000 in full attendance cost. This meant that individuals would be more served and protected from indulging in evil money-seeking activities. There were also changes in the eligibility of the schools, for instance, there was an increase in eligibility requirements from 2.0 GPA to 2.3 for any freshman and 2.5 for junior college transfers. Thus, this was one of the many changes which have been adopted by the NCAA in its attempts to reshape its image as it has remained to be very bad.
There were a number of reasons as to why this change was made. One of these was the need to change the image of NCAA. For long, NCAA has been viewed with a lot of negativity from many stakeholders due to the great negative issues it has had. For instance, it has been viewed as a champion of inequality among students, athletes, and schools, something which has not been very good to its image. This was thus an attempt to change the image of this organization.
The changes also aimed at reducing the cases of unscrupulous coaches and limiting the influence of coaches, all of which had become very serious issues to NCAA. This is very important as it would help to increase the accountability of all the coaches in the system for the betterment of NCAA.
Moreover, the changes were made in order to make the players more empowered in the system. For instance, allowing coaches to access the players even during the summer will help in empowering them through their coaches. This would improve their performance significantly. In addition, increasing the amount of finances, players, and schools meant that all the players will be brought to the same level and none will be disadvantaged possibly due to their humble backgrounds.
There was also a drop of an earlier ban of text messages to players especially after June 15. This attests that communication would...

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