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Recidivism Or Repeat Offendors Of Crime Is Too High

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Recidivism is the synonym for relapse. It is the act of a person repeating a crime after they have either experienced negative consequences from the offense, or after they have been treated for the crime. Recidivism is an important factor when it comes to the following community based correction vocabulary terms: Incapacitation, which is the prevention of crime by removing the offender from society, specific deterrence, the term used when a sanction stops people from committing future crimes similar in nature, and rehabilitation, the process that seeks to restore a patient to their previous state of mental and physical health. If the incapacitation, specific deterrence and the rehabilitation of an offender fails to meet the offender’s needs, chances are they are likely to recidivate or “relapse”. I believe lowering recidivism is important in connection with community based corrections because it can reduce prison overcrowding by an abundance, it would make Americans feel at ease with the community they live in, and prove that the criminal justice system works.
“Former offenders commit crimes at higher rates than the general population, so in combination with technical parole violations many ex-offenders return to prison within the first few years of release” (Wikoff, 2012). Offenders incarcerated for a long period of time had lower odds of recidivism, but these odds were only lower for those offenders who served the longest periods of time in prison (Meade, 2013). So how do the courts and correction officers go about reducing recidivism for offenders locked away for short periods of time? The whole purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect the innocent and to prevent criminals from going back to their deviant behavior once they have been punished. Growing up in a low level neighborhood, I would hear that the system is designed to send people back to jail, because once a conviction is on record, it is hard to find a job and maintain a living the legal way, so offenders are forced to go back to illegal ways of surviving. I disagree with this statement to an extent. A person who does not want to be helped cannot be helped, but with willingness and the right amount of guidance and supervision, it is possible for people to succeed in society without going back to prison.
The prisons as punishment, emphasizes that prison is supposed to be an unpleasant experience, and therefore the costs associated with imprisonment will reduce the expected utility of committing crime (Meade, 2013). Several factors that increase the likelihood of an ex-offender’s return to prison are age, gender, race, antisocial behavior, low social achievement, the length of criminal history, gang membership, the number of time spent in jail prior to the new offense, and drug abuse (Wikoff, 2012). When prison does not convince the offender to change, drug courts, reentry courts, and other specialized courts come into effect. The drug courts are filled with substance...

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