Reckless, Speeding Drivers Endanger Innocent Children

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Residential Speeding
Throughout many neighborhoods in Delaware, reckless, speeding drivers endanger innocent children. As a result of these negligent drivers, Delaware kids frequently get hit by speeding cars. In fact, the Delaware Department of Transportation, or DELDOT, has gathered research proving that speeding in neighborhoods leads to a large number of fatalities and injuries. The Department of Transportation reports, “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children of every age from 2-14 years” (“Barnstorming Neighborhoods”). Shockingly, this explains that out of every possible cause for the death of a child, getting hit by a car ranks as the number one most ...view middle of the document...

Speeding greatly impacts the risk of a child getting hit and leads car crashes in neighborhoods to be a common problem throughout Delaware.
Not only does speeding increase the risk of a child getting hit in the first place, but it also increases the risk that a child will suffer severe or fatal injuries if hit. Just a small increase in a car’s speed drastically impacts the force at which a child sustains a blow from the vehicle. According to the Delaware Department of Transportation, when a car travels at the recommended twenty miles per hour in a neighborhood, only five percent of children will die. However, when the speed increases just ten miles per hour, forty-five percent of kids will die. Finally, at forty miles per hour, a shocking eighty-five percent of all children hit will die (“Neighborhood Speeding”). When drivers exceed the speed limit, they greatly impact the risk of killing a child. People must obey the speed limit in neighborhoods in order to ensure that if a child is hit, they will most likely survive. An important precaution to remember is that “Even modestly higher speeds can spell the difference between life and death for pedestrians struck by a vehicle” (Herbert). Because of speeding drivers, many children suffer severe or fatal injuries that could have been prevented by slowing down by just a few miles per hour.
Neighborhoods have suffered from problems associated with speeding drivers since the 1960s. Although cars became faster, better, and more widely-owned, the safety of children living around those cars began to deteriorate. Because of the ease of transportation with the new cars, during this time period, suburbia rapidly increased in the United States. Therefore, more children moved to neighborhoods, where they had space to play and explore outside. However, this put them at risk of getting hit by the faster and better cars. During the 1960s, “Americans experienced traffic jams for the first time, as well as traffic accidents and fatalities” (“The Age”). While cars increased in popularity in the sixties, so did the dangers associated with driving them, since they caused many car crashes and deaths. Residential speeding was already a contributing factor in car-related casualties in the sixties, but it has grown over the years. In fact, today aggressive driving, including residential speeding, accounts for forty-eight percent of all fatal crashes (State of Delaware). More than fifty years after cars became popular, traffic fatalities due to residential speeding are still a continuous problem because they have not been properly addressed.
In Delaware, New Castle County in particular, neighborhood speeding still ranks as a very prominent issue. Jamie Cohee, a resident of a Delaware neighborhood and partner with DELDOT in preventing speeding states, “I've seen the near misses myself in my own neighborhood. It started when I saw one of my neighbor's children riding their bicycle out of their driveway and [he] almost got...

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