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Recognizing And Avoiding Unfair Labor Practice

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Unit VII: Case Study 6RECOGNIZING AND AVOIDING UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICESLE HANG LUU- ID 224703COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITYINTRODUCTIONThis case shows the readers about the ramifications of unfair labor practices within the workplace, as well as provides information to management about these unfair labor practices. It also shows different scenarios in which unfair labor practices might be at play. This case also points out some detail information on what managers and supervisors should do when faced with situations that involved unfair labor practices, or have the potential to involve unfair labor practices in any way. This is an ethical case that clarifies the ethical breaches involved with unfair labor practices as well as the myriad of unfavorable repercussions that managers and organizations can receive for engagement in unfair labor practices.ANALYSISThe main point of this case is that unfair labor practices are illegal acts by supervisors, managers, or other organizational leaderships, that need to avoid all the time without any costs. In addition, managers should be well aware that the Department of Labor might investigate such breaches of labor practice statutes, and these investigations will be very disturbing in order to make determinations as to whether or not there are any unfair labor practices taking place within a notified organization. It is important that managers are educated as to what practices are deemed unfair and use this knowledge in order to maneuver clear of any situation that could possibly be regarded as an unfair labor practice. Last but not least, unfair labor practices come in a variety of forms and management should be well aware of every form of unfair labor practice.SOLUTIONSOne of the best methods to avoid unfair labor practices from taking place within an organization is thoroughly educate both management and employees on the ramifications of unfair labor practices, as well as the different forms that these practices can take place. This could take place during the standard management training, employee training, and/or orientation which would be an efficient and effective means by which to provide necessary information. Let look at three scenarios and answer two critical questions below.For each of the three scenarios, determine whether you think an unfair labor practice would be committed if you as a manger act on the request that is being given to you by management or employees. Which unfair labor practice(s) could be violated? In some situations, more than one unfair labor practice could occur.Place yourself in the position of the manager in each of the scenarios and respond to each of the requests. If you decide to reject or accept the request, indicate the reason for your decision. Then develop a suggest plan of action that will deal with the issue that has been brought to your attention.Answer:As a manager, I would definitely not act on the request from employees on helping to get rid of the union. If I...

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