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According to the observation, the factory gave attention to bring improvements on the environmental consequences. Some of them are the factory invest on a new plant (line two) with maximum dedusting mechanisms such as filter bags with additional dedusting systems. In addition, the factory planned and starts to construct biomass as a source of energy. It decided to use 40:60 ratio of biomass to coal during clinker production. This implementing of biomass as source of energy can reduce impacts of coal dust and other coal related problem to the surrounding environment. Moreover, the factory established environmental regulatory body as occupational health and safety. One of the experts assigned ...view middle of the document...

2. Dedusting mechanisms. Rethinking on performance of installed filter bags, and regular maintenance and replacement of filter bags are ways of optimum controlling of particulate (Gupta et al, 2012).MCF has installed filter bags and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) to control dust particulate. Typically the dust control bags in the new line have maximum controlling efficiency. Comparatively, according the data from the employee and community survey there is a significance impact dust particulate to the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is better to rethink on the filter bags performance. In addition, regular maintenance and quick replacement of filter bags is necessary. Practically the ESP found in the old line in addition to some filter bags has less performance on dedusting. Dust emission is observed continuously due to malfunction of this device. Therefor this ESP way of dedusting is better to change or supported by other dedusting device. While the factory starts to investigate and allocate budget on the improvement of the ESP, it is delayed to implement. It needs urgent decision making to substitute it.
3. Management of transformed materials. Some of the sources of dust emission are the way how to handle materials especially the transformed materials such as pet coke and black coal. The factory transformed from pet coke and black coal coming from South Africa to local black coal. Some of the pet coke and black coal from South Africa accumulated without function and poor handling in the...

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