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Recommendation Report Choosing An Aplicant For Police Recruitment

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Recommendation ReportPurpose of Recommendation Report:This recommendation report has been internally constructed for the Queensland Police Recruitment Selection Panel. It has been developed to assist the panel with the selection of two possible candidates, based on suitability for the role, to receive job offers as a Queensland Police Recruit.The report contains an applicant profile from both candidates stating gender, age, education details and work experience. Also outlined in each applicant profile are the results of a psychological personality test, comments from a panel interview and an integrity check previously retrieved by the Queensland Police Recruiting Panel.The aim of this report is to determine whether the candidate/s are suitable for the role as a police recruit according to relevant literature. Focusing on the education status and results of the personality test, a literature review has been produced to determine whether the candidate/s are suitable or unsuitable as police recruits.Candidate Profiles:
Profile 1

Profile 2

Gender: Female

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Age: 28

Education: Masters in Criminology

Education: Bachelor of Science

Work experience:
Administration Officer (3 years)
Home Duties (4 years)

Work experience:
Bar Attendant (3 years)
Retail Assisstant

Personality Profile:
Conscientiousness - Very High
Agreeableness - Average
Openness to Experience - Low
Extraversion - Average
Neuroticism - Average

Personality Profile:
Conscientiousness - High
Agreeableness - Average
Openness to Experience - High
Extraversion - High
Neuroticism - Average

Interviewer Comments:
Good communication skills
Excellent knowledge of criminology and policing
High motivation for police role

Interviewer Comments:
Excellent communication skills
Little knowledge of criminology and policing
High motivation for police role

Integrity check: Clear

Integrity check: Clear

Education: Review of LiteratureWhen considering police recruits it is necessary that the candidates have undergone a college education. This is proven through studies from professionals and researchers stating police officers with a college education have more desirable traits needed to be a police officer. Empirical studies examining education levels of police officers can be divided into 3 main categories: Job Performance, Communication Skills, and Attitudes.Researchers have detected, having a college education effects positively on a police officers job performance. In a study, Roberg (1978) indicated that "officers with higher college degrees had the most open belief systems and the highest levels of job performance, indicating that college-educated officers were better able to adapt to the complex nature of the police role". Other researchers found that higher educated officers tend to perform better in the academy (Lester, 1979), receive less disciplinary actions (Roberg, 2004) and have lower rates of absenteeism (Cascio, 1977). In addition Hayslip (1989)...

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