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Recommendation To Improve The Quality Of Leadership

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I had just transitioned to a new role as part of the telephony services team after the merger between TCI and AT&T back in 1999. I was on the development team tasked with developing new processes and procedures for the first ever voice over internet protocol service. On my first day I met with my team members many of whom I had known for years while working at TCI and our new manager who transferred over from AT&T’s long distance department. My first impression of my new manager was that of someone who was friendly, sociable, and easy going. I left work that day feeling good and excited about my new position and the opportunity it presented. My feelings would soon be short lived, as I would soon learn first impressions aren’t always everything.
After about a month of working on the development team I realized that my first impression of my manager was anything but accurate. Our new manager was extremely impatient and wanted everything completed in a timeline that was unrealistic. He was verbally abusive to the team and made remarks about individual’s performance in front of the team. Many team members began to slack off, arrive late to work, and not complete assignments on time. “According to social identity theory, unfair treatment from superiors may arouse negative identification, which in turn leads to employees’ negative behaviors in organizations” (Jinyun, Wing, & Jian, 2010, para 1). This unfair treatment of employees had an effect on the team and many team members began to demonstrate the same behavior which they had never previously displayed. He had become a micro manager that had little trust for his team and constantly called into question team members decisions. He would say in meetings that he led with an iron fist and you were either on board or there’s the door.
Six months later and half of the team left to go to other departments and others left the company all together. Most of this was the direct result from the behavior of our manager and the negative impact he had on his team members. I asked myself how I could have been so wrong in my initial impression of my new manager. According to Flora (2004), “Our brains form first impressions by creating a composite of all the signals given off by a new experience. How good these impressions are at making accurate judgments of people depends on the observer and the person being observed” (p.1). So based off my experiences, a person who appeared friendly, sociable, and easy going led me to believe that they would be someone who I could work with and possible a great leader. Unfortunately I was wrong and eventually I moved on from the department and transferred to our division office working in our network operations center. There I enjoyed working for a director that did more than just manage his team, he was personally and professionally dedicated to the development and prosperity of his team. After a few years another merger had occurred and we were now a part of...

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