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Advertisements Focused on the Consumer Behaviour Analysis
Taking into consideration the consumer behavioural analysis, the first recommendation that Skinnygirl should consider is to continue to strengthen positive motivation and to keep a place in the mind of the consumer while capturing their attention through a creative advertisement. Referring to appendix B, a sample promotional technique that Skinnygirl should consider implementing is a points system. Customer’s can sign up online and receive a card that is scanned for points when the customer purchases a Skinnygirl Ready-to-Serve Cocktail product. The card will serve as a reminder to customers to purchase the product. The points can ...view middle of the document...

Holding contests where women create their own cocktails and enter the recipes to win a chance to create the next drink for the Ready-to-Serve Cocktail line is a simple way to create self-relevance of the brand to the consumer. This promotional idea allows women to feel like the Skinnygirl brand is being catered towards them personally.
The possible motivations for buying Skinnygirl products are multidimensional. On one hand the appeal is fun. On a deeper level, however, the subculture has an unfulfilled need. That need is created by the difference between their actual and desired states. Looking at beliefs to embody in this product can relieve some tension between how a girl currently views herself and how she would like to. Actions arising from the need can shift her attitude and behaviors. The beliefs these specific referents hold of what the ideal girl is, coupled with a motivation to comply with them, leads to a subjective norm. From this groundwork, the types of emotional appeals can extend into the desire to be exciting, healthy, fun, and energetic. Using these appeals, the brand stands out on the right emotional wavelength. On this wavelength, the optimum simulation level can be...

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