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Tips For Managing Symptoms Associated With Hcv

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Tips for Managing Symptoms Associated with HCV

Based on the research made by the World Health Organization or WHO, every year 3 to 4 million people are infected by hepatitis C virus or HCV and more than 350,000 die every year because of this chronic disease. Fortunately, due to the introduction of direct-acting antivirals, treatment for HCV has been improved dramatically. Some of these medications have troublesome side effects that can interfere with the normal daily activities. Here are simple and practical tips that can help in managing and reducing these side effects:

Tiredness and weakness
The majority of people with chronic hepatitis C or HCV will feel extreme tiredness, especially during treatment. Severe fatigue may develop in patients that doesn’t show any sign of changes or few changes in the liver. The feeling of tiredness and weakness is usually accompanied by a total lack of energy, which can affect daily activities. Peginterferon injections, which is an antiviral drug treatment for HCV are also known to cause fatigue that usually worsen 1-2 days after injection. It is best to plan ahead on when is the best time to receive this treatment and make sure that you’ll be able to rest the next day.

Pain and soreness
Flu-like symptoms such as chills, fever, muscle soreness and joint pain are common with HCV. Peginterferon injections can also cause flu-like symptoms that usually lessen after two to three weeks of taking the drug. Some choose to take peginterferon injection before bedtime so that they can sleep through the discomfort unless it causes insomnia. Drinking plenty of fluids can help in keeping your body hydrated and potentially aid in easing some of the symptoms. There are also medications that can help manage the pain, but it is best to consult your doctor to avoid further complications.

Eating problems
Loss of appetite is fairly common among patients undergoing treatment, thus it is essential for them to consume highly nutritious foods to avoid serious weight loss and other complications. Try to eat smaller but frequent meals throughout the day and drink clear fruit juices for the extra calories. Add variety to your food choices and take...

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