Recommendations For The Bead Bar Essay

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Recommendations for the Bead Bar E-commerce Site
IT 205 Management of Information Systems

OutlineElectronic business (e-business) Increase Sales E-Business Technologies Technology Benefits Website Traffic Electronic Payments Capabilities

Electronic business (e-business)
Commercial Transactions Business on the Internet Buy Parts and Supplies Convenience to Collaborate

Increase Sales
Tap into a Global Marketplace 24 hours per day, 365 days a year Increased Transaction and Search Speed Convenience Offer Customized Products Improved Customer Service

E-Business Technologies and Benefits
TCP/IP Java Firewalls Website

Website Traffic
Submit your website URL everywhere Offline Marketing Word of mouth Paid advertising online Free advertising

Electronic Payments Capabilities
Online Banking Online Billing Electronic Payments Encryption

E-Business Benefits.(2007). Network Services & Consulting Corporation. Retrieved December 23, 2007, from CIO Definitions (2007). TechTarget, Inc, Retrieved December 23, 2007, from,,sid182_gci212026,00.html Malaga, R. (2005). Information systems technology. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. Ndifreke A. (2007). 9 Multiple Streams of Website Traffic in the E-business Marketing Age, Copyright Stanza Ltd, Retrieved December 23, 2007, from Networking Definitions. (2007). TechTarget, Inc, Retrieved December 23, 2007, from,,sid7_gci214173,00.html SOA Definitions. (2007). TechTarget, Inc, Retrieved December 23, 2007, from,,sid26_gci212415,00.html Webopedia. (2007). Jupitermedia Corporation. Retrieved December 23, 2007, from

According to Malaga, R. (2005)… The conduct of commercial transactions with the help of telecommunication systems According to CIO Definitions (2007)… The conduct of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers The capability to buy parts and supplies from other companies. The exploiting convenience to collaborate on sale promotions, and joint research
The ability to tap into a global marketplace: crucial point of communication that will enable the company to reach local customers and new markets prospects more effectively According to E-Business Benefits (2007)… Business is open 24 hours per day, 365 days a year: being open 24/7 is extremely important; customers are using the net as their first source of information and service. According to Malaga, R. (2005)… Increased transaction and search speed: Internet provides clients with access such as information on prices and contact information about its...

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