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Recommendations On Improving My Own Interpersonal And Communicational Skills

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Recommendations On Improving My Own Interpersonal and Communicational Skills

Interpersonal skills are those skills that are used as a basis in part
of everyday life where people interact with each other. To be precise,
interpersonal skills are related to communicational skills but are
more specific about an individual's behaviour and include
co-operating, sharing, listening, participating, leadership and

Individuals with good interpersonal skills are easy to be around. They
bond with other people naturally, seem to know the right things to say
in different situations and make communication in general an easy

Communication skills on the other hand, are the skills in which people
communicate through listening, talking, reading and writing. Listening
is the first thing that a person learns to do so listening is
extremely important to successful managing as not listening could lead
to misinterpretation of instructions. I will now draw up the
strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of interpersonal and
communication skills about myself.

Interpersonal Skills


Ø I am an extremely friendly and easy going character to be around,
thus I am able to make conversion easily - I follow a friendly and
responsive approach

Ø I use a collaboration of persuasive skills whenever I need something
from parents which if I never used them, they may not give me what I

Ø Whenever I am at work, I use a good blend of motivational skills
which helps stimulate and encourage fellow colleagues

Ø In situations where I hear two stories, I tend to apply judgemental
skills - I am not subjective, like to hear both stories

Ø When im in a situation where I am under pressure to get work done so
that I meet a certain deadline, I apply co-operational skills so that
I am able to listen and get clear instructions on how to best go about
in completing the task

Ø I have a propensity to resort to questioning when I am unsure about
what to do in certain scenarios so that I am able to conversantly
carry out a task

Ø I have a habit of keeping close relationships with lecturers,
friends and family members so that they can help me - for e.g. I am
prompt with regard to meeting interim feedback deadlines with college
lecturers which builds a solid trustworthy relationship - lecturers
will help me more


Ø My influencing skills are quite poor so it makes it difficult for me
to persuade people

Ø In many cases where I am required to make written communication such
as on courseworks, I tend to use long sentences whereas the task could
be summed...

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