Recommended Drug Testing For Castulon Corporation

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Custulon Corporation should set up drug testing program because the workers in this organization deals with heavy machine and drug user may cause disastrous effects to the other employees in case of an accident. According to Norman Sterling the director of human relations at Custulon Corporation, employees who use drugs are almost four times more likely to be involved in a job related accident than a nonuser. Norman Sterling goes on arguing that in train industry the accidents caused by drug-or alcohol impaired employees cost lives, injured people and destroyed millions of property. Establishing a drug testing program where each employee is screened would reduce cases of fatal accidents. This would reduce instances in which productive employees lose their lives and property worth millions is destroyed.
A recommended specific policy for a drug testing program in Castulon Corporation
Castulon corporation
Castulon Corporation puts the interests and safety of its employees at heart. Our guidelines below will give you a clear understanding of what we expect from you so that we can have a productive association. This policy booklet contains general information and guidelines and it is not intended to address all the possible applications of the general policies. The policies described here may be modified from time to time, but the company will notify you in case of such changes.
Employee Handbook Acknowledgement and receipt
I understand and agree that Castulon Corporation is a drug free zone and taking drugs within the vicinity and/or working under the influences of drugs is against the Corporation rules and regulations. Working under the influence of drug can attract penalties such as:

The employee can be suspended
from working for some time and they can be forced to attend rehabilitation centers and to cater for the cost. In case the employee causes an accident as a result of drug...

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