Recommended Prison Policy Essay

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Recommended Prison Policy
Hello Sir/Madam in this report one will examine the importance of suggesting new recommendations for increasing the maximum prison sentence for offenders convicted of aggravated robbery, known as armed robbery. One will address issues of why our state legislature should consider changing the existing prison terms of those found guilty of armed robbery. As well address, the reason one believes this responsibility lays in the hands of legislators instead of judges, or parole boards. By examining the severity of armed robbery, rate of recidivism, budget needs, on crime, one will suggest that the minimum amount of time an offender of armed robbery is incarcerated should be increased.
Severity of Armed Robbery
One reason one believes the amount of time of incarceration should be increased for armed robbery is because the severity of the violent crime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation states, “The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program defines robbery as the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear. (2004)” Individuals who commit armed robbery have demonstrated their lack of concern for human life. Therefore, based on the Neoclassical thought of punishment offenders of armed robbery should receive a punishment that according to Schmalleger, is “Swift, certain, and severe enough to outweigh the rewards that flow from criminal activity. (2009)”, which is known as the deterrence model of the Neoclassical thought (Schmallerge, 2009, p.147).
Recommended Prison Sentence for Armed Robbery
One recommends a mandatory minimum of 10 years be imposed on those who have been convicted of armed robbery. This will allow offenders to realize that if he or she is guilty of armed robbery he or she will spend more than a decade of their life behind bars. Another recommendation suggests that punishments should be the same for all offenders of robbery. For example, one believes it should not matter if this is the first time someone has committed a violent crime such as robbery, or if this is the tenth time, he or she has committed a violent crime. One believes the victim’s fears are the same regardless of the amount of times the offender has committed a violent crime. Another recommendation is the charged of armed robbery should not be reduced to lesser charges. Armed robbery is a serious violent crime. Therefore, those charged with armed robbery must not be allowed to have the charges reduced to a less sever crime just to save taxpayer’s dollars.
One strongly recommends the legislator’s of the United States mandate prison terms for armed robbery, because this will prevent plea-bargaining, and the discretion of judges’ from allowing offenders to go free with what some may believe is an insignificant punishment (Dershowitz, 1976). However, perhaps the best recommendation one can suggest is...

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