Recommending Continued Sponsorship Of The Posse Ride

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Recommending Continued Sponsorship of the Posse Ride

This is to recommend continued sponsorship of the Posse ride. In order to maximize the
effectiveness and profit-making potential, I propose the following changes in this program – 1) Repeating
successful routes. 2) Involvement of HOG members in route selection. 3) Follow up with Posse participants
30 days after the completion of events. 4) Creating spontaneity during the ride. 5) Increased participation of
employees on the rides. These new initiatives would help us better understand customer needs and build long
lasting relationship with customers.
A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is more than just a mode of transportation or ordinary product. It's
an American icon that is much loved and recognized around the world. So, while we are dedicated to
continuous innovation, we have opted for evolution more than revolution to carefully preserve the elements
that make a Harley distinct – Posse ride is one of the key elements. Riding is the essence of motorcycling
experience. The Posse ride builds resonance between die hard members of the Harley community. The stories
narrated by riders attract non Harley/HOG members. The Posse ride presents us with an opportunity to gain
feedback from customers in an environment of extended accessibility and intimacy. Furthermore, it enables
us to provide promotional offering satisfying the need of die-hard HOG members. The Posse Ride links
riders together into a broad community. The rite of passage provided during various rallies legitimizes
premium exclusivity of the Harley brand and lifestyle associated with it. Reinforcement of the brand leads to
more sales and profits. In addition, it provides our dealers to generate revenue and sell merchandise at stores.
Currently only 1 in 1,000 members took part in 1999 Posse ride. Repeating successful...

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