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Reconciliation For 9/11 Terrorism Essay

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Since the horrible tragedy on September 11th, Americans have been brainstorming for ideas on how to fight terrorism. Minds are collaborating on what can be done to reconcile the West in the minds of Islamic nations. Many strategies for attaining peace have been introduced, and steps are being made toward the appeasement of differences. The ideas for peacemaking that have already been set in motion will be discussed along with new suggestions for reconciliation. Both political and private associations in the United States have introduced wonderful solutions that have begun the process of reconciliation between Islam and the West.
On the political side, President Bush visited a mosque after the terrorist attacks to depict support for American Muslims. He stated that terrorism "is not the true faith of Islam. That's not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don't represent peace-they represent evil and war." ( This act helped President Bush gain the support of American Muslims who had been mistreated since the attacks. It also served as a demonstration for other Muslim countries that religion was not involved in the war. Unfortunately, since President Bush's exposure, Osama bin Laden has misled Muslims into believing that religion is a significant part of the war. In a speech he gave on November 3rd, he declares, "It is a question of faith, not a war against terrorism, as Bush and Blair try to depict it" (
A top lieutenant to Osama Bin Laden said, "The root of terrorism is in the conflict in Palestine." Some believe that if war ends in the Middle East, a majority of the fight against terrorism will be accomplished. formerly, the United States has sided with the Israelites over the Palestinians. Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a speech signifying that President Bush is taking a greater tactful stance in bringing peace to the Middle East. Instead of being exceedingly pro-Israel, the speech was directed at both sides and portrayed a more neutral tone (New York Times). President Bush?s new approach will allow both sides to feel relaxed in the negotiation process and hopefully move us one step closer to peace.
After the United Stated overpowered the Taliban, it increased the respect of Afghanis. Although there were a few miss-hits in the bombings, Afghanis apprehended that all the targets were directed at military sites. Afghanis were appreciative for American interference in defeating the Taliban. "We thank the United States because they have given us a chance at a new freedom." They are hoping for a new beginning (CNN on TV)
In order for the Afghanis to restart, a new government must be organized. Launching democracy in post-Taliban Afghanistan is bringing Muslim support from the neighboring countries of Indonesia and Malaysia. However, the United Nations not America must institute this new government. Indonesia and Malaysia account for more than twenty...

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