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Reconciling Values And Ethics In A Global Setting

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In today's global setting, values need to be held onto in order for businesses to thrive in each of the markets one enters (Solomon, 1996). Ethical and personal values need to be in the hearts and minds of each individual who works at or does business with a company. Then, cultural and organizational values need to be adopted and held onto each time and while business is being conducted. This paper will examine reconciling personal, organizational, and multicultural values and ethics in a global setting.Personal Values and EthicsPersonal ethics are as distinctive to each individual as eye color, fingerprint, and DNA. Regarding Webster's definition of ethics, determination of "good" and "bad" is very subjective and open to individual interpretation. The process of being deemed "good" by one person could result in a "bad" determination by someone else. Most individuals consider chicken to be a nutritious food choice; however, if the individual does not agree with the method by which the food source is obtained, it could be deemed as personally unethical. One individual would not result in an impact to the global chicken market, but the market should acknowledge the possibility of individual personal stance becoming the norm within mainstream society.An individual's personal values can make a positive and lasting difference on the global setting by not allowing outside influences change what that person would do in a compromising situation. By having well established personal values at an early age, a person will not crack under pressure and do something that would compromise the person's integrity by lying or cheating. Having personal values also helps when a situation arises and the situation bothers the person until the correct thing is done. At times, the person involved cannot eat, sleep, and a belief that something wrong is happening evades thoughts until the correct action are taken to rectify the issue at hand. These feeling mean the person's personal values are being compromised.Organizational Values and EthicsMost organizations have a set of principles by which the business will operate and expectations of employee conduct. In most cases, these principles are made public through the organization's mission and vision statements, code of conduct manual, or an employee's handbook. Many rules are in place for regulatory reasons, so there should not be a conflict with personal values, because breaking these rules would be breaking the law and will have a negative impact upon the employee (Schwartz, 2005).Organizations look to translate values into day-to-day operating behaviors for employees. Organizational values are intended to provide employees with a road map for making the best decisions on behalf of the company (Abratt, Nel, and Higgs, 1992). In fact, these values are often scripted in such a way as to eliminate an individual from making decisions based on his or her own personal values (what he or she believes is correct). Many...

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