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Reconquista Of Spain Essay

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The prosperous Golden Age brought to Spain by Islamic Empires including improvements in culture and economy were destroyed in the Reconquista by the Catholic Castilian race.
I. The Beginning of the occupation of the Moors in Spain, was a peaceful time, and the Spanish-Muslim Empire would join the large Moslem Empire which spanned from Arabia to Northern Africa.
A. In 711, the Moslems of Northern Africa sent in troops to conquer Spain.
1. “The Governor of North Africa, Musa ibn Nusair, sent a general named Taliq bin Ziyad, with 7,000 men to conquer Spain.”
2. “They wanted to enlarge the Moslem influence, and so they decided to invade Spain, and ended up defeating the Visigoth Ruler, Roderick, with ease.”
3. “After they defeated Roderick, they defeated the rest of Spain with ease, and with virtually no opposition, because the Visigoth army was not very powerful in Spain at that time. They also took over Portugal at the same time as they took control of Spain.”
a) A very large reason that they had so much success with the conquering of Spain, was because they had a larger, and more powerful army.
b) Another reason was because they offered much better surrender terms to the people of Spain than the previous Visigoth Rulers had over them before they had been conquered.
c) In this day, they only way people knew how to spread religion was by violence, and though the Moors were rather gentle with the overthrowing of the Visigoth army and the conquering of Spain, this violence eventually led to Spain becoming one of the most prosperous countries of 2nd millennium Europe.
B. Even after they had conquered Spain, they had a hard time ruling.
1. After they had conquered Spain, the Moslems had a hard time establishing a Muslim ruling state.
a) This was because the Moslems were of many different races and nationalities, and they had many different motivations, so therefore it was hard for everyone to agree on how to establish a government.
II. There was then an age of peace after the establishment of a government in Moor Spain.
A. The nation was first formed, and named Al-Andalus in 754, which was an Arab Term. Al-Andalus was also called Andalusia.
1. From there, the empire then went on to establish a working government, with a dynastic nature. Peace was finally achieved with the instatement of the Umayyad Dynasty, which lasted from 756 till 1031.
a) The reason for the tranquility after establishment was because the government could then keep peace and be able to put down riots with authority.
B. The Islamic rule of Spain under the Umayyad Dynasty is often called the Golden Age of Spain.
1. One reason it is called the Golden Age of Spain is because of the flourish of education seen in general society.
2. In Moorish Spain, an influx of knowledge is seen, such as an increased number in libraries and colleges.
3. During the 900-1000’s, public libraries in Europe did not occur anywhere but Spain, where they had more than 70, one of which contained nearly one...

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