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Reconstitution: An Effective Strategy For Nimitz?

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According to the Texas Education Agency, Nimitz has been deemed as a school that requires improvement. Under section 39.107 of the Texas Education Code, if a school has been identified as unacceptable for two years, the commissioners can order the reconstruction of the campus. In the past year, Nimitz missed one of the four indexes required to satisfy the No Child Left Behind Act. The school did not show the progress from 2012 to 2013 it required to pass Index 2, the yearly progress. Test scores indicated that the weighted progress of the STAAR, 15 points, did not fulfill the goal of 17 points. The yearly progress was affected greatly by only ten students, as stated by the principal, Rocci Malone. If Nimitz fails to meet the standard for yearly academic progress a second year, it will be reconstituted. However, the process of reconstitution is lengthy and complex; the school would have to find new educators and motivate them to work in an underperforming school. Reconstitution is too extreme of a solution to solve a minor problem. With Reconstitution, Nimitz
The idea behind Reconstitution, according to the National Education Association (NEA), is to enhance the human capital (the value of a person) of a school by replacing a large percentage of that school’s administrators, teachers, and faculty. Reconstitution is a radical attempt to change the culture of a low performing school into one that thrives by requiring that certain conditions be met. The conditions are as follows: the school must have an adequate supply of staff to take the positions in the reconstituted school; the school needs to become a magnet for highly educated and experienced teachers; the resources need to be sufficient to boost the capacities of the school and be flexible so that the educators can employ them with their priorities in mind; and lastly, schools must have sufficient time to ensure these conditions are met.
Reconstitution can be broken into two parts: the threat and the implementation. The threat of Reconstitution is meant to motivate the current staff of the failing school to put more effort into turning the school around. In Nimitz’s case, according to an interview done with Dr. Morris, a liaison for the Texas Education Agency and the Irving School District, there are four “hoops” that the students and teachers must jump through to adequately avoid the threat. The first of these hoops is academic improvement; 40 percent of Nimitz students failed to meet this index. The second is that 90-100 percent of all students need to be actively engaged in all class rooms. Third is to reduce the number of students losing instructional time due to discipline by 10 percent. And lastly, to reduce teacher and student absences by 25 percent.
Studies done by Jennifer Rice King and Betty Malen on the threat of Reconstitution show that, in many cases, it had little motivational impact because educators didn’t believe the threat would actually be carried through. On the other...

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