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Reconstruction Double Book Report

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The Civil War began in 1861 and ended in 1865. Many people still debate on the causes of the Civil War today. The Authors that I have chosen to do my double book report on are John Hope Franklin and Kenneth Stampp. These two Authors discusses the Reconstruction of the Civil War. Both books were very interesting and similar in many ways and had some differences.

Arthur John Hope Franklin discusses the after effect of the Civil War the era of the reconstruction of the South. Franklin pointed out three important issues which were race, ethics, and politics. In his book he spent very less time explaining the whites roles and the inequality. He most had focus on economy and the fear of the ...view middle of the document...

By the end of the war the South was back in the Union so was it acceptable to begin war in the first place.
This book was very interesting I could go on and on I have learned a lot such as citizens and terrorist like the Ku Klux Klan, Lincoln ad his roles, President Johnson roles, and the facts on Reconstruction. Franklin really gives good detail on topics and he writes to reach anyone could understand. I recommend everyone to read this book you will find out things you never knew giving in good detail a suitable for you.
Kenneth Stampp discusses in his book about the Era of Reconstruction, the South Presidents Lincoln and Johnson, and justice for the Negros. Stampp thinks that the Freedman's Bureau was not accurately judge. Stampp is not excited about Lincoln's view on the Negros. He recognizes President Johnson as a man of weakness, to weak to control the reconstruction process. Stampp discusses about the failure of Congress to provide economic support.
Kenneth provided in his book a good introduction about the era. He took his time and wrote this very well giving you facts and dates in specific details. He makes it very clear that the reconstruction was started to bring the freed slaves into the American society. He discusses how the Union came together to restore the states but things still some how went wrong. Stampp talks about his disagreement on other historians who title it “The Tragic Era.”He discusses when the 14th and...

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