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The purpose of this essay is to discuss and analyze the main historical trends in the US history from 1870 to 1914. It will show how Reconstruction was a period of 1862-1870 in United States history during and after the American Civil War in which attempts were made to solve the political, social, and economic problems arising from the readmission to the Union of the 11 confederate states that had seceded at or before the outbreak of war. After the reconstruction it began and era of a modern nation state. After the Civil War, the Republicans had led congress and have discouraged the industrial and commercial development and also the western expansion. But in 1865 the northern victory have ...view middle of the document...

The Fourteenth Amendment, defining national citizenship so as to include blacks, passed Congress in June 1866 and was ratified, despite rejection by most Southern states (July 28, 1868). In response to Johnson's intemperate outbursts against the opposition as well as to several reactionary developments in the South (e.g., race riots and passage of the repugnant black codes severely restricting rights of blacks), the North gave a smashing victory to the Radical Republicans in the 1866 congressional election. Tindall and Shi (721-26).That victory launched the era of congressional Reconstruction (usually called Radical Reconstruction), which lasted 10 years starting with the Reconstruction Acts of 1867. Under that legislation, the 10 remaining Southern states (Tennessee had been readmitted to the Union in 1866) were divided into five military districts; and, under supervision of the U.S. Army, all were readmitted between 1868 and 1870. Each state had to accept the Fourteenth or, if readmitted after its passage, the Fifteenth Constitutional Amendment, intended to ensure civil rights of the freedmen. The newly created state governments were generally Republican in character and were governed by political coalitions of blacks, carpetbaggers (Northerners who had gone into the South), and scalawags (Southerners who collaborated with the blacks and carpetbaggers). Most Southern whites saw the Republican governments of the former Confederate states as artificial creations imposed from without, and the conservative element in the region remained hostile to them. Southerners particularly resented the activities. Tindall and Shi (727-30).However these end with the northern victory in 1865, which was to restore the Union and also to accelerate the American transformation into a modern nation-state. The industrial revolution was not only and urban experience this also transformed rural life as well. Those who got in the way of the importance of industrialization of commercial agriculture and ranching were badly pushed aside. These also cause the clash between Indians and America people. The development of the United States began with the abandonment of the Jeffersonian dream and then began to build upon the industrial and international markets. After 1865, many Americans turned their attention to settle a continent of urban- industrial revolution. Tindall and Shi (760)In 1865, the frontier line followed as far west as the borders of states along the Mississippi River, and even further to include the eastern sections of Kansas and Nebraska. Beyond this point is where the prairie and sagebrush lands reached to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains at the time were pretty much inhabitable. With so many peaks and gullies, travels through the monstrous mountain range were very demanding on the ones who tried. Those who did stumbled onto one of the most profitable areas in North America. Gold and Silver fills the mountain range for approx. 1600...

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