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Reconstruction Of Philosophy Essay

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The problem in the book “Reconstruction in Philosophy” was that, people in the earlier years upheld tradition and values by past experiences. Instead of calling it “memory” we call it tradition, in the book Dewey say’s values are embedded in social traditions. In memory there are two factors that must relate to each other, values which are the traditionally, conservative factor, we have to conserve what we value, the second factor is facts, we have to know how to progress. Tradition was held at a very high standard than facts were they were never connected because people were not open to change, because they followed memories of past history. Past civilization, followed past history and past ...view middle of the document...

We have changed from the importance of tradition to freedom of choices. We hold both value and facts together and at a higher standard because now that we are more modern and less traditional, there is freedom of thought opinions and decisions that makes life change and progress as time moves on. We shift to more focus on the individual than anything else.
Dewey puts emphasis on how to relate facts and values. Values are thoughts and facts are action, thought alone does not make change, and action without any thought provides no progress. Values should turn into fact, because without it being a fact, you are not satisfied because the fact is not a reality, for example, thinking of way to make money is not satisfying, the action of doing something to get money is satisfying. Changes are cause by action, which questions your values and how traditional values have to do with new/modern values; even though action causes change we still need values to put some thought in our changes, we learn from our past, because our past has a lot to do with our present. Reason and experience has a lot to do with our thoughts and action. We change our relationships as time progresses, but we have to relate old and new relationships together. Philosophers cannot tell you or find out what you value, how to value it, they can only help assist us to evaluate our values and facts. In chapter three, Dewey starts to involve science into the factor of...

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