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Record A Workplace Or Any Scenario In Which You Were Involved And Which Relates Especially To Communication Models And Approaches, And Non Verbal Communication You Have Learnt In Class.

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The aim of this assignment was to analyze the one of conflicts occurring at my workplace and to provide a solution plan for it. Understanding the nature and identifying the type of the conflict is essential to managing it. There is issue based or substantive and emotional based or personalized conflicts. We can make a difference between constructive and destructive ones. Issue based constructive conflicts can drive the organization for development, but emotion based destructive conflicts can destroy the operation. Different kind of conflicts requires different handling types. I introduced the five handling type model. These are based on how assertive we are in expressing our own interests and how much we take other's interests into account.There are several theories in the literature, which emphasizes one of these aspects. Communication aspect defining conflict as: "the tension between two or more entities - individuals, groups or organizations - which arise from the incompatibility of actual or desired responses" (Gamble & Gamble 2002). Perceptional aspect focuses on personal conflicts: "Interpersonal conflict occurs between two or more persons when attitudes, motives, values, expectations or activities are incompatible and if those people perceive themselves to be in disagreement" (Gamble & Gamble 2002). But there are different types of conflict that fit these definitions. We need to understand what kind of conflict we're dealing with before we can select the appropriate conflict-resolution tool to resolve it. Let's look at the one of conflicts in my organization as follow.In this case the place of the situation is a bank's dealing room. I was appointed for the position when previous chief leader left the company. In several cases I have to realize that dealers do not fulfill my direct requests. I will show the one instance out of many in follow:Last Monday, I held the meeting and assigned the whole dealers to submit the work summary in April to me before Friday. However, they told an angry tone with me that they have no time to write down and can not complete the mission at all. And then all dealers left the meeting room and let me stay alone. I was so angry with them destructs my reputation and commanded them to submit the work summary before my deadline. Furthermore, I told them seriously I won't accept any excuses to fail my order. I really cannot bear that they were always late with my deadlines, and the quality of their work was not appropriate. Basically I am satisfied with their professional performance, but I have problems with their attitude. So the mess in the dealing room is unbelievable.This is a destructive, emotional based personal conflict, between my old colleagues and me. Personalized conflict is fuelled primarily by emotion and perceptions about someone else's personality, character or motives. When conflict is personalized and extreme each party acts as if the other is suspect as a person. In this case problem...

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