Notes On What Dreams May Come

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Notes on
What Dreams May Come
58-59: he sees his grave; he sees his petrified body rotting. He is sickened by the sight of it.
58-59 "where am I" . . . in a place of your own devising . . . your mind has brought you here . . . I felt
Ann's sorrow pulling at me once again. I couldn't leave her alone . . . you're slipping back . . . you either
move on or stay the way you are . . . .
70-71: your love "trapped you in the borderland . . . you might have lingered there for months or years -
centuries even. It's not uncommon. If you hadn't called for help . . . that which you believe becomes
your world . . . what you think does become your world. You thought it only applied to earth but it
applies here even more since death is a refocusing of consciousness from physical to mental - a tuning
into higher fields of vibration . . . death is merely continuation at another level"
76-77: FRAMING A HOUSE: I built this house with my life . . . like the rooms of my mind, the rooms of
the house were not all that attractive. Some were dark and messy and the air in them was heavy .. .
there are building circles . . . groups of people skilled in construction . . . by using their minds. "Always
with mind," he said. "All things start in thought."
RF: Worthiness or unworthiness can be pronounced upon you by others. What you do with it has to do with the world of mental representations you call your own. Worthiness or unworthiness, in the end, is something that is pronounced upon you by you. You can deem yourself worthy or unworthy. You can love or hate yourself. You can ultimately believe that there is or is not something wrong with you. What's your frame of reference? What's the frame you create as you live your life? The frame you create is a rigid enclosure that surrounds your field of consciousness. The frame is like the wooden posts that demarcate this field from an adjacent neighboring field. A field is a field is a field out there in the world, and a field of consciousness is that fertile background of consciousness upon which thoughts are written. It is a background that is capable of being oriented, a background of predisposed feelings and ideas that act like weather patterns in your internal universe and set the tone and ground and horizon for self-judgment and the mental representations you use to judge yourself and others. You can think of the field of consciousness like the white paper ready to be written upon. No paper and the marks have no place to appear. No consciousness and the thoughts of consciousness have no place to contain them.
111: intense sorrow creates a vibration which actually causes pain to the departed, holding them back
from progression. Actually, it's unfortunate that people mourn the dead, prolonging the adjustment to
the hereafter. The deceased need time to reach their second death. The funeral ceremony was meant to
be a medium of peaceful release, not a ritual of...

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