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Records Are Valuable Resource And Assets For Organizations

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According to Elizabeth Shepherd in journal “Why are Records in public sector organizational assets?” stated that record is recorded evidence of an activity that is of an action undertaken by an individual or a work group in the course of their business, which results in a definable outcome. A record is not defined by its physical form, its age, or the fact that it contains information. Its important characteristic is that it provides evidence of some specific activity. Activities may be carried out by people or may be largely or wholly programmed. She also stated that records can exist in any medium and in many forms, including documentary, databases, photographs, audio visual.

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We well known with managing records is the most important part in having a record. Managing a record is also related with legislation of records in order to classify those records which are public or private to open. Records management is the systematic and effective control of records for paper and electronic record throughout their life cycle from creation or receipt through to the time of their disposal. It aims to ensure that records are accurate and reliable, can be retrieved speedily and efficiently, and are kept for no longer than necessary.

Records management is important in order to run proof of activities and conclusions, to support decision making and fulfil with allowed and governing responsibilities. Records management involve controlling records throughout their life cycles. First is from the creation, each department must create records that are correct and comprehensive. Second, the information need to be check in order to establish what information is held by a department and where it is held. By checking records, it also can help to delete redundant records, leading to a lessening in storage and preservation expenses.

Next is all records should be arranged systematically so that they can be retrieved easily and quickly. Staff must be able to retrieve the information they need to carry out their work and those record that are frequently used should be kept close at hand within the immediate office space and for semi current record, those record should be kept in separate store rooms or stored at off-site. Paper records containing confidential information must be stored in locked cabinets or drawers when not in use, and access only granted to authorised staff. In the case of sensitive electronic data, access should be controlled through the use of log-ins, passwords and read-only settings, and computers should not be left unattended when logged-on. It is also essential that data held on portable media (e.g. CDs, DVDs, USB memory sticks), as well as laptops, is kept securely and protected from theft. Any disclosure that takes place must be in line with the requirements of Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation.

According to State Record Act 1998, Record means any document or other source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form or on film, or by electronic process, or in any other manner or by any other means. "State record" means any record made and kept, or received and kept, by any person in the course of the exercise of official functions in a public office, or for any purpose of a public office, or for the use of a public office, whether before or after the commencement of this section.

According to IMR451 books, Nature of records has four. First is static which mean if a records is changed or manipulated in some way, it no longer provides evidence of the transaction it originally documented. Second is record have authority. Records provide official evidence of the activity or...

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