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Notes For Video Segment Essay

1078 words - 4 pages

The final video will be a compilation of video, photos, Raphael reporting, as well as text boxes composing of important quotes from peer-reviewed sources, and statistical evidence.
1) First Shot – Title of project
2) 30 seconds of multiple shots of gates
3) Stop on picture and put up definition of gated communities
4) Shot up sped up video of gated communities
5) Introduce Raphael (the reporter). This will take place in front of a ‘do not force open’ sign on a gate of a gated community.
• What Raphael will wear: baby blue suit, short pants, and scripted reports.
6) Segment 1
7) Segment 2
8) Segment 3
9) Segment 4
10) End

Go back and forth between Raphael mocking the gated communities, and statistical or peer-reviewed evidence.
Quotes from refs then have Raphael discuss the issue
Here are the key points that we are discussing.

1. Affluence – (culture and demographics supplemented by statistics).

Segment 1 – Physically Exclusive – Some hard to get to, or hard to get into
• Moreover, gated residences offer one important advantage compared with the process of residential segregation: residents do not have to escape to second, third, and forth rings of suburbs in order to avoid poverty or an increase in minority groups. A more efficient method is the walling off, which generally can take place anywhere in the metropolitan area. (553)
• I can think of a number of features that can be used to identify and define gated communities
(see Blakely & Synder, 1997; Low, 2003). These may be walls, huge gates or walls which serve as some kind of an intimidating barrier. Moats and bridges may also separate the ‘‘gated’’ space/
place from the spaces beyond. There may be lights, even spotlights or search lights, hidden or
visible security systems, and alarm systems. Some may have uniformed security personnel (perhaps also burly and physically imposing individuals) at entrances, others have vicious and barking dogs or perhaps recorded sounds of ferocious animals. Vehicles may not be able to enter the ‘‘gated’’ space unless they are coded. And for those who enter the space and are not residents, they are required to obtain some approval from a resident or an acceptable person at the gated community entrance. The entrances to these communities are likely to be few, perhaps even only one;
• “Kettle Valley prides itself on, amongst other things, the safety of our community,” explains Kettle Valley Development President, Carlos Bermudez. “It is a quality that is important to us and to the many families that make Kettle Valley home. Our sponsorship of the Kelowna Community Policing program is indicative of our commitment to maintaining a secure environment for our residents.”
“People want to live in the Village of Kettle Valley because it offers them a quality of life that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. People are always telling us how much they love the colourful architecture, the parks, the hillside setting with a lake view,...

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