Notes For The Beatles, An Assesment I Done A Few Years Ago, These Notes Were Very Helpful

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Who and What is on the Front Cover of The Beatles' AlbumSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?1.Sri Yukestawar Giri (Guru)2. Aleister Crowley (Dabbler in Sex, Drugs and Magic)3. Mae West (Actress)4. Lenny Bruce (Comic)5. Karlheinz Stockhausen (Composer)6. W.C.(William Claude) Fields (Actor/Comic)7. Carl Gustav Jung (Psychologist)8. Edgar Allen Poe (Writer)9. Fred Astaire (Actor)10. Richard Merkin (Artist)11. Das Varga Girl (by Artist Alberto Vargas)12. * Leo Gorcey (Actor)13. Huntz Hall (Actor with Leo Gorcey, one of The Bowery Boys)14. Simon Rodia (Creator of Watts Towers)15. Bob Dylan (Musician)16. Aubrey Beardsley (Illustrator)17. Sir Robert Peel18. Aldous Huxley (Writer)19. Dylan Thomas (Poet)20. Terry Southern (Writer)21. Dion (di Mucci) (Singer)22. Toni Curtis (Actor)23. Wallace Berman (Actor)24. Tommy Handley (Comic)25. Marilyn Monroe (Actress)26. William Burroughs (Writer)27. Sri Mahavatara Babaji (Guru)28. Stan Laurel (Comic)29. Richard Lindner (Writer)30. Oliver Hardy (Comic)31. Karl Marx (Philosopher, Socialist)32. H.G.(Herbert George) Wells (Writer)33. Sri Paramahansa Yoganandu (Guru)34. Anonymous (Wax hairdressers' dummy)35. Stuart Sutcliff (Artist, former Beatle)36. Anonymous (Wax hairdressers dummy)37. Max Miller (Comic)38. The Petty Girl (by Artist George Petty)39. Marlon Brando (Actor)40. Tom Mix (Actor)41. Oscar Wilde (Writer)42. Tyrone Power (Actor)43. Larry Bell (Artist44. Dr. David Livingstone (Missionary & Explorer)45. Johnny Weismuller (Swimmer and Actor)46. Stephen Crane (Writer)47. Issy Bonn (Comic)48. George Bernhard Shaw (Writer)49. H.C.(Horace Clifford) Westermann (Sculptor)50. Albert Stubbins (Soccer Player)51. Sri Lahiri Mahasaya (Guru)52. Lewis Carroll (Writer)53. T.E.(Thomas Edward) Lawrence (Soldier, Lawrence of Arabia)54. Sonny Listen (Boxer)55. The Petty Girl (by Artist George Petty)56. Wax Model of George Harrison57. Wax Model of John Lennon58. Shirley Temple (Kinder Actress)59. Wax Model von Ringo Starr60. Wax Model von Paul McCartney61. Albert Einstein (Physicist)62. John Lennon (Holding a French Horn)63. Ringo Starr (Holding a Trumpet)64. Paul McCartney (Holding a cor anglais)65. George Harrison (Holding a Flute)66. Bobby Breen (Singer)67. Marlene Dietrich (Actress)68. ** Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi (Indian Leader)69. Legionnaire from the Order of the Buffalos70. Diana Dors (Actress)71. Shirley Temple (Child Actress)72. Cloth Grandmother Figure of Jann Haworth73. Cloth Figure of Shirley Temple (Child Actress) by Jann Haworth74. Mexican Candlestick75. Television Set76. Stone Figure of Girl77. Stone Figure78. Statue from John Lennon's House79. Trophy80. Four-Armed Indian Doll81. Drum-Skin, Designed by Joe Ephgrave)82. Hookah (Water tobacco pipe83. Velvet Snake84. Japanese Stone Figure85. Stone Figure of Snow White86. Garden Gnome87. Tuba* Leo Gorcey was painted out because he requested a fee to use his image.** Ghandi was painted out by request of EMI as they feared it would offend record buyers in India. In...

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