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Recount On A Personal Experience. How Does That Experience Make You What You Are Today? English 10 Personal Memoir

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My Musical Adventure
With thousands of eyes staring at me, the anxiety of being on stage swims through my body. Just visualizing myself standing in front hundreds of people erupts small bumps on my skin and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My first encounter with orchestral music was when I was in fourth grade. As a young boy, I had a crush on a girl in my class. To learn more about her, I followed her to band one day. Walking in, I noticed that there were many instruments, but only one instrument caught my eye: the trombone. The irregularly shaped piece of metal perfectly reflected my personality, and the low mellow sound was pleasant to my ears. I was hooked instantly. Going home that day, I ruffled through the wad of cash I had been saving up over a long time, and bought myself a trombone.
Fast forward to one year later. It was 6 pm, and the audience was already in their seats. A bead of sweat sat on the tip of my hair. The show was about to begin. As I looked from the top of the stage, the view froze my body. Hundreds of parents sat in their seats, eyes locking on to the children atop the stage, making me feel like an ant compared to those giants. My hands began to shake, and I felt like I was going to faint. My best friend sat next to me, trying to calm me down, but it was futile. The nervousness I felt was a new sensation because I had never performed publicly until that day. I knew that I had fatal stage fright. My own diagnosis. As our small band sat upon the stage in the gigantic concert hall, I felt the eyes of everyone boring into me, tearing my soul from the inside out. My trombone felt cold in my hand, and a sudden calm fell over me. I was ready.
The conductor raised his baton, silencing the whole room.. The lights in the auditorium were dimmed and the stage lights focused on the stage. It was about to begin. As we got ready to play the first piece, the audience quieted their bustling, and the room grew quiet. As the conductor waved his hand, the deafening silence was broken by the crash of the cymbals and the harmony of trumpets.  As the trombone section started playing, adrenaline rushed through my veins and I felt very proud for all the hard work I had put in during prior months. The low bass sounds of the trombone blended in perfectly with the whole...

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