Recovering From Recession Essay

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Recovering from the Recession
The Three Trends are:
• Teacher Layoffs
• Fewer Summer Classes
• Fewer School Counselors
Teacher Layoffs
Teacher layoff is a trend that has been around for decades, however in recent years this trend has risen remarkably. It has since cause significant stress on several stakeholders such as administrators, teachers, students, and parents in particular. Hence, I believe that teacher’s layoff is important when the school finances are threatened. If such an action is not done then the most likely action will be to close the school because there will be no money to pay teachers. In addition, for the daily survival of the school.
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Fewer Summer Classes
Having fewer summer classes contributes to both the negative and positive aspect of the school system. In my view summer classes are essential especially for the at risk students. I believe the less summer classes there is the less cross section of student will be able to benefit from the program. The summer break is long for students to be out of school for this extended period of time without interfacing with some form of instruction and supervision which will be detrimental to them.
This only adds to the dilemma that at- risk students are already in and for those who may fall into that category. Teachers will have more difficulty in assisting students to fill the gap that has been made void during the lengthy summer in which they did not get the chance to fill. This will also increase the strain teachers will encounter upon the return of students to school in the fall.
However, I believe that the benefit that may be derived from fewer summer classes is that the state will spend less money to fund it. This will have a significant impact on how much resources will be used and the amount of students the summer classes can accommodate. Therefore, as a result of the recession, the less money spent on summer classes the state will have sufficient resources to use during the school year. Thus, will limit the amount of teacher’s layoffs which have been notably decrease over the past year.

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