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Recovery principal reflects service users insistence for services that are holistic and orientated towards hope and promote service user autonomy self determination and social inclusion some of these include peer support ,self management programs and advocacy groups these concepts are linked to more treatment positive outcomes and greater empowerment and hope for service user Cusack & Killoury 2012). There has been an increased focus on developing a seamless journey for the service user when accessing support for mental illness within the primary care setting with the providing for a multi disciplinary team based approach to service provision which builds capacity in primary care to meet the full array of health and personal social needs which individuals with mental health problems may have (Department of Health & Children, 2001). As stated within a AVFC treatment through integrated care plans can be effective as agreed with the service user an MHN which reflects best practice This Strategy aims to have mental health services including particular therapies such as CBT and Wrap available through a primary care network which changes the role of the mental health nurse from one who is largely working in inpatient settings to a greater emphasis on community mental health provision in coordination with primary care (Department of Health, 2006). Primary health care delivery is a crucial element of national health care delivery especially where the majority of the population live in rural areas and rely on governmental systems of health care (Byrne & Sahay, 2007). Collaboration between GPS and mental health services was identified specifically within A VFC which means that the roles of nurses will continue to change into the future to meet the growing demand for seamless service delivery from GP point of contact, yet to date there remains a gap in the delivery of mental health supports at primary care level barriers such as training among primary care professionals being the main obstacle and inconsistent or non existant individual care planning process ( (MHR2009). AVFC recommends the development of specialist mental health services for people for individual not typically catered for within mental health services these include homless , comorbid difficulties ,substance abuse eating disorders and intellectual disability individuals. Mental health reform (2015) have aknowleged that these individuals have not been prioritized and have received the least amount of input to date.

Holistic / recovery
Historically treatment approaches were about treating the signs and the symptoms of mental ill health. In comtemprary practice the nurses role has evolved to a more hope inspiring relationship walking alongside the person on their joruney with less emphasis on medications and more about using psychosocial interventions and therapies . Holistic care embraces a biopsychosocial model of care where the Su and their families are at the center and adopts...

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1931 words - 8 pages and mental health professionals (Nice 2010). What may be seen as odd behaviour by mental health professionals, may be viewed as completely acceptable in some cultures. People from black and minority ethnic (BME) groups with schizophrenia are more likely to find it difficult to engage with services and are more likely to be subject to the Mental Health Act (Sewell, Hari 2009). There is an abundance of evidence that proves recovery can take

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2622 words - 10 pages with severe mental illness accounted for 9.8 million adults in the year 2008. Among these, 58.7 percent used mental health services, 40.5 percent received outpatient services, and a little over seven percent received inpatient services for a mental health problem (Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Center, 2009). Globally, there is a chance that one out of four people will experience some kind of mental health condition in their lifetime (World

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