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In any institution, there is always a need to initiate new policies and forego others with reference with noted changes once the policies are at play. As noted in the correctional facility, there is an apparent lapse in their policies thus the rise in the current state of affairs. To avert the occurrence of the same in future thus calls for a need to review their existing policies so as to determine the needed changes.
The first policy that needs to be looked into for revision is with relation to inmates with present or previous mental conditions. Despite the fact that there could be a deemed stigma in isolating such cases, for the sake of their safety as well as the entire facility there is need to institute new policies to keep such people under different conditions with the rest of the inmates. This should however be policed in such a manner as to elucidate any notions of discrimination.
Safe for this, there is needed to review policies with reference to cell extraction. There is need to ensure that the policy limits such to only officers with proper training in cell extraction and self-defense coupled by the provision of specialized extraction equipment. Safe for these, such extraction can only be done with utmost diligence so as to ensure the safety of the inmates as well of the correctional officers.
Safe for these, there is needed to ensure that training is undertaken by all recreational officers prior to their deployment. Such training should have incorporated into it extraction procedures and proper handling of inmates so as to avoid cases as the one presented in this case scenario. There is also need to ensure that the facilities are capacitated both in manpower as well as capacity. There is need to ensure that medical personnel has capacity to safeguard the residents as well as have the proper medical facilities.
With reference to all these, there is thus need to ensure that there is a vetting process for the current recreational officers. This would assist in realizing the current human capital that is present so as to determine the capacity that the recreational facility has in terms of manpower...

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