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Recruiters In School. Why Not? Essay

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The military is an essential component of the security of the United States. The military needs men and women at the peak of their performance. Because of this, the military looks to recruit high school students as young as seventeen years old. However, many people do not want recruiters in high schools and the debate of whether high schools should allow military recruiters inside has transpired. Numerous reasons exist explaining why schools should allow recruiters on campuses. High schools should allow military recruiters because, although many say that recruiters don’t tell the whole truth, students usually already know the information. Recruiters inform students of the benefits and opportunities that the military offers and they encourage students to graduate high school.
High schools should allow recruiters because students need to know the benefits and opportunities of joining the military. The article, “Should Military Recruiters Be Allowed in High Schools?” tells that the military can offer many career opportunities to high school students. The article states, “We want to make sure every high school students is aware of the career and training opportunities the military has to offer—everything from being in the infantry to learning how to work high-tech equipment or be a medical technician” (Smith and Herbert 27). High school students need to know that the military can expand their education and training beyond a high school classroom. Justin Lavargne also explains the benefits he hopes to gain from the military in the article “Militeens.” The authors of the article write, “Lavargne said he sees benefits in joining the armed services—as well as the thrill. ‘Going to college seems good. […] But in the military I can get hands on training’” (qtd in Boster et al. 16). The benefits give high school teens great incentive to join. The military’s benefits assist with many expenses from college tuition to training for new skills.
Military recruiters also encourage high school students wanting to join to stay out of trouble and actually graduate high school. The article, “Targeted Lesson,” quotes a marine Colonel when he tells the military’s stance on enlisting criminals. The article reads, “‘Military service is not an alternative to incarceration or paying a debt to society’” (Perry and Blume A33). The military needs people who stay out of trouble, which encourages students to keep their record clean. In addition to staying morally upright, the military also wants students who join to graduate high school. According to the same article, almost all recruits must graduate high school. The article says, “Can high school dropouts enlist...

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