Recruiting A Multigenerational Workforce Essay

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HR has abundant resources, however to bridge the generational gaps and provide employees with what they want seems to be a similar issue. In years past, HR only had to deal with Baby Boomer and Traditional values, which were similar in nature, however the new generations have different values and have different career paths than their elders. For example, “Why is it that Gen Y has not been more actively recruited? Why is it the Baby Boomers remain in the market place? Why would someone still want to work when their 70?” These are all questions an HR hiring manager has to decipher when determining candidates for a position. The task has become quite difficult due to the broad spectrum and variances of these generations.
Employers need to have a solid understanding of what is important and valued by each generation when deciding on their recruiting strategy. It definitely helps understanding each position by itself and the ideal requirements before determining what generation to key in on for a hire. “Managing multigenerational workforces is an art in itself.! Young workers want to make a quick impact, the middle generation needs to believe in the mission, and older employees don’t like ambivalence.! Your move.” (Harvard Business School) Is it an opportunity for career growth, do you need more experience in the position, can you live with a part time employee? Based on the answers to some of these questions plus others can weigh heavily on employee retention and be significant factors on deciding which generation to focus in on for your hire; this can save costs both on the front end with ease of recruitment and backend due to retention. Thus let’s look at the different generations and what they look for in a career and a company.
Let’s begin with Traditionalists; these types of employees aren’t typically seeking work, but are acquired as a favor to previous pupil or currently retained as a long standing employee, thus recruitment is technically just a formality. They are nearing the end of their careers and have the mentality of one company, one career so why leave now unless wanted their wanted and desired and will be valued elsewhere. This type of employee believed work is what came first in life, however with their current age and status they wish to attain a more flexible schedule; they no longer want the 9-5, which to them really meant 7-7, but they prefer to come and go as they see fit. (Scotia)
Their goal is they want to pass on their experiences and their legacy to younger generations, while still feeling valued. (Scotia) It is beneficial that the traditionalist does not manage or be managed, remember age equals seniority to them and although they have to report to someone, they are best utilized as an advisor to their senior and their juniors and should not be responsible for managing teams. There are exceptions to this rule, but this is typically the case in big corporate America. Even though they are still in the workforce...

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