Recruiting In Federal And State Law Enforcement Agencies

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Many people studying in the field of Criminal Justice should choose their career carefully. There are many interesting careers that are arising as the years pass by. To become a successful employee you need to be able to fulfill many requirements, qualifications, and training. The two fields that at this time are recruiting include the Border Patrol and the Texas Probation. These two fields include some of the most extensive hiring process that is out there.
A probation officer has many duties to fulfill. They are not only supervising the offenders that live within the community, but monitoring each probationer’s progress. The offender must stay away of any trouble, and comply with the rules and regulations required. A probation officer should help the offender resume a better, productive life for themselves. They should also make it their duty to help the offender rehabilitate and be placed back into society. The officer must be able to conduct home, school, and office visits. Probation officers obtain the responsibility for maintaining transcript files, writing reports, ordering referrals, being able to testify in a court hearing, and being able to provide transportation if needed. The person that applies must have very good organizational skills. By the offender being able to stay within the community, it helps to save the taxpayers’ money. Staying out of prison saves the taxpayers money by the offender being supervised. It is cheaper to supervise the offender under house arrest, than to have them be incarcerated. To become a probation officer there are a few required qualifications to apply. To work as a probation officer, within the State of Texas, the applicant must not only satisfy the agency’s requirements, but also needs to meet the statutory requirements for the state. Although it is challenging to meet all requirements, it is harder to become employed there. There are minimum requirements that a person will need to obtain if they want to become a probation officer. The first thing is that you must be eighteen years old and be willing to work with juvenile or adult offenders. Then you are required to have a high school diploma or a general educational development degree. Finally, the applicant may not have any felony convictions, and if so, the sentence must be at least fifteen years from the application. In order for the applicant to get the hiring process started, they must first retrieve an application from a county government facility. The application consists of many papers that require the applicant’s signature for consent of criminal, employment, and education background checks. All papers must be filled out completely, neatly, and turned in with your transcripts of education. The applicant must be able to pass a drug test, a physical exam, and a psychological test. If an applicant wants to have a better chance of being a possible candidate, they need to have prior qualifications. In the State...

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